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Audit Checklist

What You Need to Know Before Your Audit

All companies (or individuals) that hold a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation under the Australian Government’s Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 will be audited by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC). To ensure you are meeting the conditions of your Refrigerant Trading Authorisation, at audit time you will be asked to either show and/or provide proof of the following:
  • Refrigerant Records – quarterly (for the last 2 quarters);

    • amounts bought or purchased (bulk amount of each refrigerant)
    • sold (bulk amount i.e. cylinders) Amounts charged into customers’ systems is not a recording requirement
    • amount recovered for destruction (bulk amount)

  • Equipment List – quarterly details (for the last 2 quarters) of the make, model and serial numbers of each piece of the following types of equipment in your possession;

    • Recovery Unit
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Electronic Leak Detector
    • Recovery Cylinders - Used when the refrigerant in a system is no longer required and needs returning for reclamation or destruction.

  • Risk Management Plan - evidence that a risk management plan relating to the handling and storage of refrigerant in the your business has been put into effect

  • Equipment Maintenance Records – quarterly (for the last 2 quarters), detail of each of the following equipment in your possession having been regularly inspected and any maintenance undertaken;

    • Recovery Unit
    • Vacuum Pump
    • Electronic Leak Detector

  • Cylinder Leak Test and Cylinder Test Date records – quarterly (for the last 2 quarters), any refrigerant cylinder in your possession detail;

    • Refrigerant type
    • Cylinder serial number
    • Cylinder test date
    • Date of leak test

  • Staff list - Refrigerant Handling Licence detail (for the last 2 quarters) of current staff (name, licence number, licence entitlement and expiry date for each of your staff)
  • RTA number on advertising – Your RTA number should be referenced on any advertising you do that promotes RAC services, as well as stationery items such as invoices.
  • Signed statement confirming all detail in documentary evidence provided is true and accurate.
For more information on the conditions of holding a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation or the Regulations visit or call the ARC on 1300 884 483.

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