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Audit Support Information

Refrigerant Records Under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995 refrigerant trading authorisations are subject to certain conditions. One of these conditions is that the authorisation holder ‘keeps up-to-date records showing the amounts of refrigerants bought, sold and recovered during each quarter' This refers to bulk refrigerant only (for example refrigerant in cylinders).

It does not mean that records must be kept for refrigerant that is bought or sold in equipment, nor refrigerant that has been reclaimed and then reused. The below attachments provide an example of records that could be used for a small business. The templates are only meant as a guide and authorisation holders should feel free to use their own records or download and modify these forms to suit their own business purposes.  

Refrigerant Purchased Record Template Jan 06 (refer to paragraph above) Click Here
Refrigerant Recovered Records Jan 06 (refer to paragraph above) Click Here
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