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  Refrigerant Handling Licence - Application Form

Select the pdf form icon below to proceed. Please ensure that you have
a printer connected to the computer you are using as you will be required
to print the online form(s) once they are completed.

***Important! Guidelines for Certification of Documents***
To support your application, you will need to provide certified copies of all the documents requested. Please do
not send the originals of these documents, or copies of certified copies.In order for documents to meet
certification requirements, a copy has to be clearly authorised as a true copy of the original of an appropriate
person. Each copy of the document must be certified separately and must show clearly:

• the words "certified true copy of the original"
• the signature of the certifying officer; and
• the name and address or provider/registration number (where appropriate) of the certifying
officer, legibly printed below the signature. It must be possible, from the details provided, to
contact the certifying officer if necessary.

To find out who a statutory declaration under the Statutory Declarations Act 1959 may be made before,

Application for Refrigerant Handling License
Refrigerant Handling License Brochure
Change of Detail Advice for National Refrigerant Handling license
Application for Replacement Card
For notification of changes to details please download, complete, sign and mail to
ARC Ltd. Locked Bag 3033
(Having trouble downloading? for help).
















  Application Forms

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