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Refrigerant Trading Authorisations

A Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA) must be held by any individual or business acquiring, possessing or disposing of fluorocarbon refrigerant.

There are three types of RTAs that can be issued by ARC, dependant on how an individual or business uses and/or engages with fluorocarbon refrigerant.

The most common RTA caters for an individual or business that acquires, stores and/or disposes of refrigerant (other than halon). Typically, this would suit wholesalers, RAC and automotive businesses, sole traders and contractors.

The second type of RTA caters for businesses that need to acquire refrigerant (other than halon) for use in the manufacture of RAC equipment. This is titled as a ‘refrigeration and airconditioning equipment manufacturing authorisation’ (RAEMA).

The new type of RTA is the 'restricted refrigerant trading authorisation' (RRTA) which caters for businesses that are authorised to recover refrigerant from RAC equipment, store and dispose of refrigerant. The types of businesses most likely to require an RRTA are metal recyclers, auto parts recyclers and waste management businesses.

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