Becoming smarter... future-proofing technicians

Look out for the “ARC smart card”

Refrigerant handling licence (RHL) cards now have a 'smart card' feature which allows licence holders to use their mobile phones to scan their cards for quick access to the ARC website and a variety of useful resources including:

  • code of practice downloads
  • fact sheets
  • permit condition check information
  • renewal information
  • plus, much more.

The ‘smart card’ feature is a value-add to the current RHL cards and uses QR code technology. The QR code is printed onto the card the same time the technicians’ name and details are being printed onto the card.

The RHL smart card acts as a virtual toolbox for licence holders and over time this feature will be upgraded so more resources and facilities will be accessible.

Smart Cards are currently being distributed free of charge, on approval of new RHL applications and renewals. Included with the RHL licence card is instructions on how to use a mobile phone (iPhone and Android) to scan the QR code.