Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA)

Buying, selling or storing refrigerant?

If you buy, sell or store refrigerant you will need an RTA.

A Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA) issued by the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC) must be held by any individual or business buying, storing or disposing (selling) of fluorocarbon refrigerant, under the Ozone Protection and Synthetic Greenhouse Gas Management Regulations 1995.

There are three types of RTAs that can be issued by ARC, dependent on how an individual or business uses and/or engages with fluorocarbon refrigerant.

Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RTA)

The most common RTA caters for an individual or business that acquires, stores and/or disposes of refrigerant (other than halon). Typically, this would suit wholesalers, refrigeration and air conditioning and automotive businesses, sole traders and contractors.

Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Equipment Manufacturing Authorisation (RACEMA)

RACEMA caters for businesses that need to acquire refrigerant (other than halon) for use in the manufacture of refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) equipment.

Restricted Refrigerant Trading Authorisation (RRTA)

RRTA caters for businesses that are authorised to recover refrigerant from RAC equipment, store and dispose of refrigerant. The types of businesses most likely to require an RRTA are metal recyclers, auto parts recyclers and waste management businesses.

Details of the fees payable for a Refrigerant Trading Authorisation can be found here.


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