CoolChange Newsletter

Cool Change is the ARC’s quarterly newsletter delivered to over 80,000 licensed technicians and businesses throughout Australia. Cool Change is the most widely read publication in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry, providing important regulatory and industry information.

CoolChange Issue #47 - January 2018

Issue Highlights

  • Reducing regulatory burden: changes to the permit scheme in 2018
  • Annual indexation to application fees
  • 87,000 strong – RAC permit holders keeping Australia cool
  • Retailers spreading the ARCTick message this summer
  • The future looks bright – young fridgie cool in the heat
  • Do the RTA checklist this summer
  • National scheme – invisible borders
  • ASQA: student experience to influence RTO audits
  • Hard rubbish/easy refrigerant recovery
  • 250,000 customers building your business
  • The Ozone hole – what’s the latest?
  • R32 refrigerant: FAQs you should know

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